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Dec 13, 2019 · The Battle of Hampton Roads, also known as the Battle of the ironclads, occurred on March 9, 1862 between the U.S.S. Monitor and the Merrimack (C.S.S. Clang - the C, C++ Compiler Clang DESCRIPTION SYNOPSIS clang [options] filename ... DESCRIPTION clang is a C, C++, and Objective-C compiler which encompasses preprocessing, parsing, optimization, code generation, assembly, and linking. Depending on which high-level mode setting is passed, Clang will stop before doing a full link. While Clang is ...

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File 是 clang-format.exe -style=file 的意思,意味着 clang-format.exe 会去搜索样式文件( *.clang-format 文件)。 需要注意的是,它的搜索路径是当前文件所在的文件夹或者当前项目(不知道是否会继续往上层搜索--至少,工作空间就没验证成功)。

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Allows the user to specify the strip mode used for their modules. The option is passed directly to the strip command. See the strip documentation for details. If set to “none”, strip will not be run. Defaults to “--strip-unneeded”. This is the same behavior as previous NDKs. LOCAL_STRIP_MODE always overrides APP_STRIP_MODE when set.

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Add support for Clang LTO - 1 ----2020-12-11: Sami Tolvanen: New [v9,10/16] modpost: lto: strip .lto from module names Add support for Clang LTO - 1 ----2020-12-11: Sami Tolvanen: New [v9,09/16] PCI: Fix PREL32 relocations for LTO Add support for Clang LTO 1 1 ----2020-12-11: Sami Tolvanen: New [v9,08/16] init: lto: fix PREL32 relocations

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When we started Algolia Development for Android, binary size optimization was not one of our main concerns. In fact we even started to develop in JAVA before switching to C/C++ for reasons of performance.