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The most effective acid for removing rust type stains is Oxalic acid, but it is not as commonly available in its pure form, rather as a constituent of propriety rust removing and cleaning products. Other acids (such as: Muriatic or hydrochloric acid are more commonly available At that same hardware store, you can purchase a stronger product, such as muriatic acid, and apply to the rust stains. But you must be very careful with strong acids as they can burn your skin and much worse.

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Dec 10, 2008 · Earlier this year i painted my steep concrete driveway and front steps with proper concrete/paving paint,the paint had a non slip additive added to it also. But then i made the mistake of putting a clear coat on top (was only thinking of making it stain resistance) as a result the driveway is now more slippery than a water slide.Everyone we know has had a fall ,its also hard to drive the car ... Keep your engines revved up for a racing experience that breaks all the rules!

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Klean Strip Green Muriatic Acid- Eco friendly, Brightens Masonry, Etch Concrete, Removes Excess Mortar from Bricks and Cleans Algae and Scum- 1 Gallon Plus Centaurus AZ Chemical Resistant Acid Blue Muriatic Acid - Swimming Pool pH Reducer Balancer | Buffered, Low-Fume - 1 Gallon.

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Muriatic Acid is a powerful acid used by cement workers to clean concrete from tools and such, it is also added, in diluted solutions, to swimming pools to adjust the P.H. levels. You can purchase Muriatic Acid at most home centers and Hardware stores for about $8 per gallon. WHEN USING MURIATIC ACID, READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Apply at least two thin coats of this product. Asphalt:Scrub oily and greasy areas clean with a water-based degreasing agent and a coarse plastic brush. Pressure wash to make sure dirt and debris are removed.

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Feb 14, 2020 · Muriatic acid works real good at removing stains just remember to have good air flow so the fumes don't get you. It also cleans up your grinding burs if you get them clogged with aluminum. Eats shit out of aluminum. Can used to acid port heads and intakes .but you have to know what your doing or you won't have any parts left.